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Masterstudiengang Online-Kommunikation

Study practice-oriented courses in online communication

Our practice-oriented courses address students and professionals who want to acquire marketing and management skills for the online world. The masters programme in online communication therefore covers online management, online communication theories and online marketing. The following modules are the core of the programme:

Online Management

This module provides students with an overview of managerial competences, concepts and strategies for the digital economy. Students learn to analyse, construct and manage new forms of value creation in new business- and revenue models. The module deals both with incumbent enterprises (large and SMEs) and the special requirements of start-up organizations. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage digital tools to manage employees in open and lateral structures.

Theories of Online Communication

The course „Theories of Online Communication“ initially focuses on overarching approaches and developments of Online Communication. With the presentation of various theories and methods, an extensive understanding of the internet and network economy is mediated. In addition, electronic business models are introduced and explained.

Online Marketing

The online marketing module is about the potential of the online communication for marketing. Based on the functional areas of marketing management, this module also focuses on specific current tools of online marketing such as Google Adwords or search engine optimization tools. We learn how to analyse the digital customer, her customer journey and digital markets. Together we development of marketing strategies and content marketing approaches, as well as an integrated use of individual marketing instruments. Finally we try out approaches to business analytics.
Students will be enabled to develop marketing concepts in online marketing fields. They will also learn how established marketing activities can be analysed, systematically developed and improved.

Practical Online Communication Projects

This module challenges students to apply their knowledge on online communication to businesses problems and societal contexts. Students will be encouraged to learn actual theories, methods and models and create practical solutions based on the previously studied theories and cases.

Additional Modules

Additional Modules can be chosen in the following fields:

  • Business Administration and Economics
  • Business Law
  • Soft Skills

Kontakt zum Studienfachberater

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Send
Tel: +49 (0) 3471 355 1336
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Kontakt für Praxispartner

Prof. Dr. Daniel Michelis
Tel: +49 (0) 3471 355 1330
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