Hochschule Anhalt - Master-Studiengang Online-Kommunikation - Bernburg (Saale)

Fachbereich 2

Masterstudiengang Online-Kommunikation

Bridging Theory and Practice of Online Communication

The aim of the online communications masters degree is to enable the graduates to apply advanced scientific methods and insights across all fields, to recognize problems, and to use the knowledge and skills acquired as well as methods of online communication in order to develop effective solutions for the digital economy. The main qualification objectives are elements of all courses. Three dimensions of our courses are explained in more detail below.

1. Acquiring and imparting theory and practice

The theoretical foundations of online communication guide the professionals’ analysis and decision process, e.g. theories on online consumer behaviour – explain and predict the digital buying decision process. As a basis for the professional work in the field of online communications we therefore teach the foundations and application of seminal models and theories.

2. Online Communication methods

We find that methods matter for online communication. The development of internal and external digital corporate communication and online marketing are challenging endeavours in the business world. Often, when an appropriate methodological knowledge is missing, new measures are carried out in in a trial and error approach. Throughout our courses the students receive a methodological training in order to close this gap. The mediated methods include, for example, the systematic development of new online markets, the adaptation of management and organization, or the optimization of the company's value chain.

3. Developing solutions for real-world business problems

After graduation all theory and methods will have to stand the field test. We believe that students must complement their studies with constant real-world testing. Therefore, we incorporate the combination of practical knowledge with a pronounced theoretical and methodical training in the masters programme. Thus, we ensure that our graduates are able to recognize business problems quickly, systematically analyse them and create efficient online communication solutions.

4. Management tasks in communication and marketing departments

The digitization of business processes has led to far-reaching transformation in all industries. This particularly affects business decisions, marketing and communications. The communication processes between suppliers and the consumers have become networks processes and radically value propositions are possible. The Online Communications Masters programme is designed to prepare students for challenging leadership tasks in the areas of marketing, as well as internal and external corporate communication, which are based on new communication processes and habits.

In practice, it is often the case that managers are overwhelmed with the effects of digitalization on marketing and corporate communications. On the basis of this background, the graduates in Online Communications can bring the necessary know-how into companies and carry out challenging tasks.

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Prof. Dr. Hendrik Send
Tel: +49 (0) 3471 355 1336
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Kontakt für Praxispartner

Prof. Dr. Daniel Michelis
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